The SALIN and LexisNexis Top Hats! Cocktail Party

28 November 2003

Review by Nel Fredericks, with introduction & photos by SALIN

Food…drink…prizes…new information professionals…and 20 library leaders all wearing silly hats! This was the concept behind SALIN’s biggest event yet, the SALIN & LexisNexis Top Hats! Cocktail Party.

Inspired by the Meet the BigWigs party at the New Librarians’ Symposium 2002; the SALIN committee approached library leaders from all sectors and associations to participate in the social event of the season. And boy did we get a great response! On the night, over 100 SA library professionals gathered at the Hotel Adelaide for fun, food and frivolity.

Nel Fredericks from the State Library of South Australia gives us the lowdown on this very special event…

SALIN LexisNexis Top Hats Cocktail Party on Friday 28th November was a fabulous success!

This was the first event of this kind for SALIN, but I suspect it won’t be the last. As intended, the Top Hats all looked more much more approachable when wearing something a little bit silly and many new, not-so-new and soon-to-be graduates took the opportunity to schmooze with them in a friendly environment.

The hats were most impressive- Eleanor Whelan won the prize for best hat with a princess style cone hat, and the honorary mention goes to Philip Keane for his homemade foot high stovepipe.

Alex Pring (LexisNexis) and Eleanor   Whelan
Alex Pring (LexisNexis) awards Eleanor Whelan a prize for her hat.

There was a wide mix of attendees from public and special libraries, academics, students and vendors and everyone seemed to seize the opportunity to make some new contacts. I saw many resumes changing hands! It was also a great opportunity to make new friendships and cement old ones with our peers, and to talk shop in a venue with gorgeous views.


Sponsors LexisNexis, Kelly Services, Raeco, Australian Law Librarians’ Group and UniSA School of Communication, Information and New Media gave out door prizes for some lucky attendees, and each gave a short presentation. We all paid strict attention in case it earned us another bottle of wine!

The delicious finger food and free drink for everyone made us all very relaxed, and broke down any barriers we may have imagined between experienced and new librarians. It was a pleasurable mix of work and play, and an ideal way to wind down for the weekend.

Cheers SALIN!

SALIN exec
The SALIN executive committee

Jenny Jeremy, Margareta Nicholas and Liz   Walkley Hall
Jenny Jeremy, Margareta Nicholas and Liz Walkley Hall

Kelly Services
Kelly Services stand (Carol Kay, Jana Skillens, Richard Bithell)

Thanks to our additional sponsors:


Australian Law Librarians Group


and our fabulous Top Hats!


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