Write resumes that work!

The Job Hunter

Not sure where to start looking for that dream job? Why not try out some of these …

Recruitment agencies in Adelaide

While there are many different job agencies in Adelaide, these have regularly advertised library and information related positions in the past

Job websites


Make sure you join various e-lists as many prospective employers often advertise jobs in this way – casual, contract and permanent. And there are many helpful people who regularly post jobs they have seen advertised elsewhere.

    SALIN is just one of these e-lists. If you haven’t subscribed yet join here
  • ALIA New Grads
    ALIA New Grads has jobs listed nearly daily from all over Australia – and you don’t need to be an ALIA member to join. Simply head to http://www.alia.org.au/groups/newgrad/ and follow the links to join
  • Other ALIA e-lists
    ALIA has numerous other e-lists, some of which advertise jobs specific to their focus, including special libraries and library technicians: http://www.alia.org.au/alianet/e-lists

Websites of library and information organisations

Some larger organizations, councils and universities list vacant positions on their websites. Check out the websites of places you would like to work and visit their job vacancy sites regularly for openings.


Don’t be afraid to call up places you would like to work to ask…

  • if they are currently looking for someone to fill a position,
  • who you may send your resume to, to be considered for future openings,
  • how they usually advertise positions, or
  • which recruitment agency they work through

Want to work overseas?

Not sure what skills employers really want?

Check out these sites for ideas of what skills to emphasise in an application

Want more information about applying for jobs?

These websites have a wealth of tips and advice for library job hunters


  • SALIN’s Job applications basics
    Produced for SALIN’s workshop Write resumes that work and selection criteria that sell!


  • ALIA employment page
    Provides information on job agencies, work-level guidelines, salary scales, and a whole lot more: http://www.alia.org.au/employment
  • Liscareer
    Liscareer is a U.S. site with articles written by new generation librarians for new generation librarians. It is a great source for information, especially on job hunting, with articles on everything from creating that perfect resume to how to survive the interview process: http://www.liscareer.com
  • One Umbrella
    This site contains useful information how to write a good resume. It also provides links to further websites that provide advice in writing applications: http://www.oneumbrella.com.au/job_seekers/resumes/
  • Zenith
    Look under the “About” section for advice on writing resumes, including 10 golden rules of resume writing, questions to ask yourself when preparing your resume and a sample resume to give you some ideas for getting started: http://www.zenmgt.com/staffing
  • Career Information Service (Queensland Government)
    Look in their Getting a job section – has lots of information about looking for and getting work. In their “What skills do I need?” section they have links to excellent articles on writing resumes and answering selection criteria: http://www.cis.qsa.qld.edu.au/jobs/index.html
  • Other general websites
    • Dr. Ann Villiers, a mental nutritionist, has a great website with handy advice and links for job hunters http://www.mentalnutrition.com
    • All of the general job websites listed below have a wealth of information on applying for jobs, as well as sample cover letters and resumes
    • Books
      • How to write and talk to selection criteria: improving your chances of winning a job / Ann Villiers. Hawker, A.C.T. : Mental Nutrition, 2005.
      • How to address selection criteria : improving your chances of being short-listed for a job / Dr. Ann Villiers. Canberra: D.M. Press, 2000.

    Compiled by Heidi Savilla, 2005, for the SALIN workshop: Write resumes that work and selection criteria that sell!

Review by Theresa McGinley

Department for Families and Communities

22 November 2005

I attended SALIN’s ‘Write resumes that work & selection criteria that sell!’ seminar on Tuesday evening, 22 November, 2005. Having received quite a lot of general instruction on writing resumes at uni and work, I thought it would be good to get some more specific ideas for applying for library and information sector jobs.

The night was presented by the lovely Kate Sergeant, who took us through the do’s and dont’s of resumes, cover letters and addressing selection criteria. The presentation was accompanied by a comprehensive set of notes, which I will definitely be keeping handy for future job applications. It was also great to get some insider knowledge about how to stand out from the crowd, from someone who has applied for many jobs and has also been part of selection panels.

The seminar was attended by and catered for a wide range of people – those of us just out of uni , others who had been in the same job a long time but were looking to move on and those who just wanted to brush up on their job hunting skills.

The session was very interactive, and allowed people to chat and share stories about their own experiences – great networking opportunity!

The notes should be available on the SALIN website soon, and I can highly recommend having a look at them, as they have a lot of useful ideas. And I also recommend coming along to future SALIN events – they’re fun and relaxed and a great way to meet people working in the library and information sector.


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