Findon Library Tour

Want to have a sticky-beak around the new Findon library?

The City of Charles Sturt Council has recently re-opened its Findon library, and SALIN is offering you the opportunity to come along, check out the changes and hear all about the refurbishment process from manager Bruno Colombo.  Word is that the new Findon library is looking fabulous, offering 12 new computers for patrons, free wireless internet, two new conference rooms and a new kids’ area, amongst other developments.  The library also shares some of its space with La Crème Café!  This is a great chance to see how public libraries are adapting to the needs of their local communities – and of course, it’s also the chance to get together with other SALIN members to kick off our 2008 activities!

 The tour starts at 5.00 pm on Monday, 18 February at the Findon Library in the Findon shopping centre on the corner of Findon and Grange Roads, Findon.


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