SALIN Quiz Night 2019

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Well the annual SALIN quiz night has come and gone again and was a resounding success. This year’s theme was all things Television covering the entire history of the medium in Australia from its first appearance in our homes in 1956 until the present day and the rise of reality television, and all things in between.

From the outset it was obvious that the librarian community of Adelaide were here for one of the biggest events of the social calendar and they had not come unprepared or uncommitted to this year’s theme of television. They arrived dressed as everything from Teletubbies to Daleks, toting enough picnic baskets and bottles of wine to keep even Yogi Bear happy. Then they settled in for the start of the show.


There were 12 rounds of questions in all with two table quizzes to supplement them. From the outset the going was tough but with the combined IQ of that many librarians all in the one room it needed to be and as we completed the first of the music rounds, no one table had yet to come out as the clear favorites to take home the prizes and the bragging rights for this year.

More rounds followed and then it was time for a well-earned break and a chance to mingle and catch up with old friends and colleagues from other tables while enjoying a cup of delicious soup and a snack from the selection available from the Country Women’s Association (CWA) stall.


Then the break was over and it was time to get serious again. The rounds proceeded from sport through to geography with two more music rounds in between. The judges deliberated and the contestants argued quietly amongst themselves to form a consensus amongst their respective brains trusts, for there was no phone a friend in this contest folks.


In the end, there could only be one winner and it was the Sponge Bob Square Pants table from The State Library and their friends who took away the top prize on the night. Second prize going to “Tubby Tardis” and third to “Reading is Fundamental”. The best dressed costume went to Anna dressed as Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the best dressed table included these two likely lads dressed as the Fonz jumping the shark from Happy Days.

Then it was time for farewell and goodnight with all of the contestants going home happy for another year, knowing that they had come together to raise funds for a great cause helping women and their children meet their educational goals and establish their financial independence so that they could escape from domestic abuse and reestablish their lives with the help of the Zara Foundation, this year’s recipients of the funds raised on the night.


We would like to make special thanks to all our sponsors, to the venue, to the CWA ladies and to Natalie for doing such a great job comparing on the night.

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So see you all next year for another exciting installment of the South Australian Library Network’s (SALIN) Annual Quiz night.


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